Artificial Intelligence Will Not Stop the Ocean from Boiling

May 10, 2023 - Avoid Crisis hosts Reynaldo Arellano and Allen Plyler are alarmed at the all time high average temperature in the oceans today and focus on how artificial intelligence will help track the continuing damage to the our earth in crisis, and its impacts to our economy. The hosts question believing in the promises from appointing czars in the government over AI, to any observations that come from penguining marches of billionaires to Washington. Without changes in human behavior, the environmental crisis will continue to worsen and disrupt food supply while wreaking havoc in weather and ecological systems worldwide. The impact of depleting oxygen available to fish populations is explored.

Think.  Decide. Act. Avoid Crisis.

Key Points from Rey:
· Over two thirds of the world is water.  The ocean is an incredible carbon sink.
· The ocean and acidity is a big issue.  The Great Barrier Reef is the canary in the coal mine.  It has shown strain.  The ocean temperature rise will impact our weather.
· You would not expect warming temperatures at the lowest depths of the ocean, but recent studies are indicating that is happening.
· Think, which includes analyzing, Decide, Act, that is what is needed to avoid crisis.  Can AI help here?
·  AI can’t change human behavior.  Climate change is real.
·  We all need to think of small changes we can make.  I used reusable metal straw and utensils on my recent trip.  If a couple of billion people changed their behaviors, it will have a positive impact.
·  The food we get from the ocean worldwide is very important and is a big part of our food supply and the warming temperature in the ocean is a big issue.
·  The large bottom feeders being caught could be reflecting warming temperatures.
·  There is going to be an enormous displacement in the labor force.  But the labor force may become more efficient.  There is going to be a displacement from those workers that are not educated or trained, and there will be a bigger gap between the haves and the have nots. 

 Key Points from Allen:
·  Our planet earth is in a crisis.  The boiling of the ocean can be understood by seeing that the average temperature in April 2023 in the ocean surface was 21.1 Celsius a record.  In April 2016 the previous high was 21.0.   Something is happening here to see this temperature rise.
·  As sea temperatures rise, it may be that fish from the deep are dying.  In Oregon, the Lancetfish were washing up on shore.
·  In Southern California an 18 foot oarfish was found.  They live very deeply in the ocean.  It seems like something is happening deep in the ocean and maybe fish are dying there.
·  We don’t know if maybe there are large hydrothermal vents in the ocean that are impacting marine life.
·  AI can help to predict weather patterns and provide better modeling, maybe use more data, like from cell phones to provide predictions.
·  Humans need to change their behavior or this crisis will get worse.
·  Fish are an indicator of our environment.  We are seeing state and world record fish being caught this year.  This may not be a good thing as it may reflect warming temperatures, even in inland rivers.  If there are more sucker fish, there may be less trout.
·  The bull trout is a great example of how environmental changes impacts fish populations.  The bull trout used to be abundant and Native American Indian populations relied on this as a food source.
·  When fish don’t have enough oxygen, their size is limited.  State records and world record fish being caught could reflect the big fish are eating smaller fish.  In Argentina the world record Chinook salmon was caught this year.
·  There are already over 192,000 tech jobs lost in 2023 and AI is expected to potentially end up eliminating many jobs.  AI is a revolutionary change.   We are in a different world in computing power than IBM and Deep Blue in 1997.
·  If you are not worried about what AI is going to do to your life, you need to be.

Artificial Intelligence Will Not Stop the Ocean from Boiling
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